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At 'WE-CLEAN-DRIVES' we are a team of highly experienced local cleaning experts who have provided over two decades of service experience to countless satisfied customers throughout the UK. We are a professional locally run business dedicated in providing the HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE to produce the results you want.


Our continual investment in Industry Leading Equipment allows us to deliver our services at a more COST EFFECTIVE OFFERING, which we pass directly onto you, the customer. 

Customer satisfaction is the backbone of our company ethos, so if you are thinking about having any external area cleaned then get in touch and we will be happy to chat through your requirements & provide a no obligations quotation.


Happy Clients


Professional Operatives


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We cover all areas of pressure washing / pressure cleaning including:

- Driveway Cleaning

- Patio Cleaning

- Decking Cleaning

- Forecourt Cleaning

- etc.


We cover all areas including:

- Conservatory cleaning

- Orangery cleaning

- Roof Cleaning

- External House Facade cleaning

- Render cleaning

- Perimeter wall cleaning

- Brick wall cleaning

- Stone wall cleaning

- etc.


If you live in a rural / semi-rural location, it very likely your roof could do with some love. 

Through a combination of:

- Roof Scraping 

- Detergent Application

- Steam Treatment

- High Pressure Rotary Cleaning

- Plus many more tools in our arsenal

We know the best appraoch to give you the desired result. 


Although not 100% necessary as some would have you believe, we recommend getting your paving re-sanded after all cleaning work. We like to think it puts the metaphorical "icing on the cake" and maintains sand levels to the optimum height enhancing visual appearance. 

Re-Sanding after cleaning is available if required and is purely a personal option.


We have the exact product you need!

1. Our Enviro-Friendly biocide application will keep that 'greening' (algae & lichen) at bay and eliminate the slip hazards that come with 'greening'


2. Our Impregnation Coatings (posh term for paving sealant) will leave your area external area looking as fresh as its first summer evening. 



Gutters are often a VERY overlooked, yet integral part of any buildings weatherproofing system. They allow the safe run-off of water from the building.

Don’t put your property at risk by ignoring such a quick & simple cleaning task.

Don’t put yourself at risk by scaling ladders.

Let us do the hard & dirty work for you!!

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Looking for a team with a little more clout?

"WE-CLEAN-DRIVES" is the residential arm of a much larger company that operates commercially throughout the UK.

We specialise in a group of high-level, low-level and regenerative external maintenance services to Councils, Business Improvement Districts, FM Companies, Developers, Building Contractors, and many others client types from Aberdeen to Plymouth.


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  • Why should I choose you over your competitors?
    We like to think that after 22 years in this business field (and at the highly demanding level of delivering expensive commercial projects throughout the UK) we are qualified to provide quality advice. There are many operators out there who 'give it a go' with inferior equipment, incorrect knowledge and a lack of insurances. That is not how we operate. We aim to give you enough information to make an informed decision and an expertise that will deliver complete satisfaction. We ARE the team for you!
  • Is re-sanding necessary?
    Contrary to popular belief, it is not vital to re-sand your paved areas. it WILL NOT compromise the integrity of your block paving at all. This is providing a deep clean has been conducted correctly and the joints have not been subjected to inappropriate cleaning pressure. Re-sanding is purely an aesthetic choice which puts the finishing touch on the job. We do however recommend re-sanding as it "completes" the job properly.
  • How frequent does my drive/decking/patio need cleaning?
    Truthfully it is completely dependent upon external factors, below I have listed the main factors that can affect the frequency of a clean; Natural Surroundings (if you are surrounded by greenery, trees, hedges, etc, this can increase the need for more frequent cleaning) Shaded Areas (shaded areas are a hotspot for algae growth, this causes an increase 'that green look' to your external areas) Footfall (Areas that are disturbed less allow for natural growth production to increase In short its an individual choice & depends on the surrounding conditions, but we usually recommend an annual clean (& if desired a Winter Maintenance).
  • How long will it take you to complete the job?
    This can range from a few hours to a few days. It is completely dependant upon a few factors, such as; how large the area is, the depth of the task and the water pressure obtainable.
  • Do I need surface protection after cleaning?
    Surface Protection is not a vital part of your maintenance, however it will help protect from the return of stubborn and deeply ingrained dirt and staining. We highly recommend you have this done as part of your external maintenance programme.
  • What Surface Protection/Sealant do you use? is it safe?
    When it comes to surface protection/sealant there are many 'less than par' products on the market (trust me, we have trialled 99% of them). After many years of trial and error, we have found a product we trust to deliver the quality result we require. It is an environmentally recognised product that doesn't seal your stone (and moisture) beneath it, but penetrates the stone and forms a breathable barrier without altering the visual appearance. It is the same product our commercial side has previously applied to many recognised National Landmarks and multi-million pound developments all over the UK. We prefer (and recommend) an Impregnation sealer which outlasts surface sealers and will not change the surface appearance.

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